Cooking stone

Cooking stone is a stone which is used to bake pizzas, bread, etc.; A cooking stone is also termed as the pizza stone or baking stone.  It is usually quite large and thick stoneware.

While using cooking stone, you are always instructed to put it in the middle or bottom rack of the oven.  After placing it so, then you will have to preheat it for at least one hour before you start cooking your pizza.  Using a baking stone is assumed to boost the crusty effect of both pizzas as well as bread. Cooking stone works in a very simple way.  A baking stone takes in and wit the heat in a unique manner.  Due to this quality, the stone heats up just as you put it into the oven and let the oven operate for a while.

cooking stone The cooking stone transfers the heat straight away to the bottom of your bread or any other cooked food since baked goods could be placed on the stone directly.  By doing so, you allow the bread or pizza to cook uniformly and evenly as the heat spreads to all parts of the pizza or bread thereby giving an ample amount of nice crust.  This applies in particular for artisan kind of bread.

Due to the quality of the stone to retain high-temperature heat, the oven is kept at a more stable temperature, and this helps in making up for any heat that may be lost while opening the oven’s door to place some food item inside.

The cooking stone may be left inside the oven while not being used, in particular at the bottom of the oven.  The surplus heat from the baking stone beneath can directly cause the food item to cook quickly and can turn the cookies browned on the bottom.  You better keep this in mind when you decide to have your usual baking with the cooking stone inside the oven.

cooking stoneWhen the stone becomes accustomed and mature with usage and time, it will get a non-stick quality. If you are a first time user of the stone, try cooking some fatty item on it, or you can use cooking spray on it.  But do not overspray since it can make the cooking stone sticky.

Never use soap on the stone.  You must use boiling water to clean it.

A very important thing concerning with buying a stone is that you have to consider your oven’s size and the baking compartment which is inside.   If you purchase a stone that is bigger than that, then you will have to abandon the stone or return it back to the seller since it will not serve the purpose for which it was intended.  You must never buy a stone which is bigger than that.  It good understands the internal measurements of the cooking area of your oven because once you do finish with that; you will be able to invest in the appropriately sized cooking stone precisely.